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Financial Benefits

  • Conservation of Cash / Capital & Variabilise Cost As uncertainties become the norm of the day in business, you need ready cash to meet difficult situations and capitalize on sudden swells. This is why we provide you with the option of renting your assets/ infrastructure, which needs merely a fraction of the cash flow compared to a purchase, renting you with more cash at your disposal. Rather than sinking funds into rapidly-depreciating equipment, Renting provides you with a cash flow-friendly way of obtaining the latest equipment without tying up your capital, so you can use your funds elsewhere to greater advantage.
  • Zero Down Payment Renting solution does not require any down payment or collateral to procure an asset.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership We ardently work on optimizing acquisition costs through cutting maintenance costs through effective management strategies that are appropriate to overall utilization of the assets at different points in time, actively finding reuse opportunities wherefore leveraging existing assets, dynamically planning for the retirement or replacement of assets.
  • Cash flow Management The rental payments can be structured to match with the cash flow from the business for better cash management and greater certainty in budgeting.
  • Rent payments deductible as operating expense Rent payments are deductible expenditure under the tax law.