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Assets on Rent

OPC has a solution for every requirement in any industry. Following is a list of solutions which have contributed to immense capital growth in the respective business sectors.

Some items may be missing from the list but we can safely claim we rent almost all assets classes.

  • Retail/Office Equipments

    Retailers and Offices are major users of furniture and fixtures. They are also users of technology; so keeping pace with modernisation of technology and look of the office is a critical part of the business plan.

    At OPC, we understand the retail industry/corporate need of the hour and the changing requirements.

  • Furniture & Fixtures

    Furniture and fixtures are used in a big way by offices and retailers. Renting with OPC will allow you to choose the furniture of your choice to get the look you want, without having to spend money on buying it.

    At OPC, we can provide you with every piece of furniture or fixture you may need for your office and business.

  • Telecom Equipments

    Telecommunications is a core business tool in today's fast moving technological world. Instead of investing and blocking your money on the communication solutions you are seeking, renting it makes more business sense. This also ensures that your business grows by utilizing the in-built technology 'refresh' option.

  • Medical Equipments

    The healthcare Industry (also called the medical industry or health economy) is one of worlds largest & fastest growing industry. This Industry is an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients. OPC understands the importance of this industry & provide rent solutions of all types of medical equipment which is required by this Industry.

  • Construction Equipments

    Construction is a major contributor to the development of the infrastructure industry, as businesses are always looking to expand. The tools of the trade in this sector range from heavy machinery like diggers, lorries, forklifts and cranes to the more high-tech end of supporting equipment.

    Our strategies cater the construction industry's specific needs.

  • ATM And Related Equipments

    With the economy flowing, the circulation of wealth has increased. There is a tendency to invest in branch networks which has brought the banking and insurance industry into rapid growth.

    We meet the needs and requirements of the dynamic, ever-evolving BFSI industry.

  • Point Of Sale Equipments

    The Cashless Economy is driving growth in usage of Point of Sale Machines. However POS machines are subject to faster Technological up gradation and hence risk of obsolescence is very high. Hence renting model for procurement of POS is ideal solutions to mitigate such risk and Cost of impairment.

  • Information Technology Equipments

    IT drives business. Over the past few decades IT has enabled unparalleled improvements in productivity and business efficiency. We, at OPC, have covered and continue to service the end to end of the IT industry.

  • Plant & Machinery

    Capex in Plant & Machinery results in a huge capital outflow and hence stressed cash flow management. The renting solution for procurement Plant & Machinery helps to converse Cash and variablise Cost. It enables the organisation to participate in large scale projects and without much worrying of Investment.