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Core Rental plan by OPC Core Rental plan by OPC

Our Core Rental plan has been designed to help you acquire the best materials for your business without straining your resources. You accelerate your growth and increase your productivity by paying what you want, when you want, as you can structure your rent in step up or step down mode.

According to the Core Rental plan, you select the assets you require from any vendor of your choice and negotiate the price directly. We buy the assets you chose from your vendor at the price you fixed, making them our assets and rent the same to you for a specified duration. So you get to increase your resources by paying only a fraction of the assets value - as rent. And you return the assets after the specified duration or extend the contract.

Core Rental Plan Benefits | OPC Core Rental Plan Benefits | OPC

Core Benefits

  • Minimized capital spending

  • Zero ownership cost

  • Zero obsolescence

  • Disposal and asset management costs along with easy and flexible payment options

  • No purchase clause - unlike traditional lease, return at no additional cost or storage costs. This includes no disposal expenses.